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About me .. ^_^
Meow/Meowllie ^o^
She/he/they, 15
Autistic : D !

The current mood of imp at www.imood.com

pspsps these stamps take to special pages !!!

Welcome to my little piece of the worldwide web :)...

Hiiii Hi welcome to my website :3 My name doesnt matter but you can call me Meow :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Nyanboo" is simply a wordplay.. it doesnt really mean anything hehe i just think it sounds silly :) I made this website to have fun !!!!!!!!!!! I am not a master of html nor claim to be......... In fact i dont think im that great at coding :PI'm still learning....:3 Plz be patient................ This is forever a WIP !!! Under construction!!!!!!! Click anything on the sidebar to navigate !!!!! XP


  • Make shrine/superfan page
  • Add music player
  • Fix CSS
  • Work on diary entries
  • Add links page
  • Write about page
  • Start working on sidebar content
  • Plant first seed